Real-life activities can bring benefits to gaming

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Between today and February 14, athletes Madden 22 coins who complete five miles through the Nike Run Club app will be granted the opportunity to cause havoc on the field in Madden 22 with an upgraded version of Aaron Donald. The player's item in Aaron Donald in Los Angeles Rams' defensive force is a 7 speed boost, and players will also receive an achievement badge in the Nike Run Club app upon the completion.

"I enjoy watching kids get out and engage in active and healthy lifestyles," Donald said in his press release. "As an athlete in the professional ranks I think it's imperative to instill healthy habits into the children of our generation. I model these behaviors in my children, just as they were taught to me. I partnered together with Nike and EA Sports to unlock the potential of sport and to inspire the next generation of athletes to learn and participate in a meaningful way."

Real-life activities can bring benefits to gaming --- Adidas earlier tied IRL game play to rewards in FIFA 21's Ultimate Team with a sensor insole insert called Adidas GMR. The technology tracked players to take part in challenging situations in real life, like taking 40 high-quality shots within the penalty box in the space of a week, earning coins as well as boost their skill in this video-game.

The pursuit of those rewards by Adidas and buy madden coins cheap FIFA required you to buy the Adidas GMR device for $35, but Nike and Madden's initiative is completely free to take part. For a chance to secure your upgraded Aaron Donald for Madden 22's Ultimate Team mode, you'll simply need to link using the Nike Run Club app with your Madden account and then start running. Once you've logged five miles, it's the turn of quarterbacks who aren't playing to chase down the most intimidating defender in the NFL.