Common Causes of Bad Breath and Great Ways to Prevent It

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Poor oral health, illness, plaque, and other problems cause poor dental health. Contact an affordable dentist in Glendale today for better dental health.

You all must have noticed that in public places or some gatherings some people avoid going. There might be several reasons, but the problem of halitosis or bad breath is one of the major causes. Lots of treatments are available when you consult some reliable dentists like a dentist in Glendale. Remedies suggested by the dentist not only cure bad breath but also garlic breath as well. It's better that you treat this deadly disease as soon as possible. 

Common Causes of Bad Breath are as under:- 


If you are suffering from some health issues, your doctor might prescribe some medicine to you. So sometimes these medications make your mouth dry. In that case, proper water intake is very crucial. Apart from that, if you face extensive dryness in your mouth then you can consult your doctor. Sometimes medications can’t be changed(as they treat your specific health issues), so in that instance, you can ask for some remedies that you can practice.

Oral Hygiene Issues

Bad eating habits and not following proper hygiene can affect oral health. Saliva is considered the warrior in the mouth that safeguards your mouth from bad breath-causing bacteria. But if you don’t floss, then this kind of bacteria develops on your gums. So if you don’t practice oral hygiene then plaque will develop and then you might face major dental issues. So try practicing flossing after eating something.

Oral Illness

If there is any kind of gum disease and tooth decay, then you might suffer from bad breath. So it's recommended to visit the dentist every 2-3 months for better oral health. This way your dentist in Glendale examines any issues that can pose problems. When your mouth is clean, then your dentist will check for other issues that might create dental problems.

Illness of the System

Many people suffer from a cold cough, which leads to extensive dryness in the mouth. The acute, as well as chronic cold, leads to a bad smell in the mouth. Some system illness is which causes bad breath:-

  • Diabetes
  • Sinusitis
  • Tonsillitis
  • Infections.

When you are completely fine, after your disease has been cured, then the bad smell of the mouth goes away. After that, you have to practice good health.

Mouth Dryness

Many people don’t believe that dryness in the mouth is one of the crucial causes.  Your saliva acts as an antibacterial. In case you want to increase saliva production then should:-

  • Have some sugar-free chewing gum and sugar-free candy.
  • Mouth spray can also work.
  • Drink lots of liquids, which could be water, coconut water, and lemon water.
  • Dentists recommended mouth rinse is also effective.

Final Thoughts

Bad breath can be insulting as well as painful. You might even start ignoring new interactions. Even the most nagging cases of chronic halitosis can be addressed by assessing and treating the actual issue. For treating your dental health, you need to contact your family dentist. If you are looking for some affordable treatment then you can search for an affordable dentist in Glendale.