8 Essential Tips to Optimize Your Google Smart Shopping Campaigns

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When Google founded Smart Shopping as a campaign type it carried a completely unique era of automation to Google Ads. It’s been about for a few years now, and advertisers are still learning how it can be helpful for businesses.

To grow the business boundaries, many established, as well as startups, have now started practicing more about Google smart shopping campaigns. But how can you endure your Smart Shopping campaigns a step further for even more profitable performance? Through optimizing!

In this article, we are going to know 8 top shot and effective ways that will help you finely optimize your smart shopping campaigns and boost your business revenue. 

Smart Shopping campaigns

What is Google Smart Shopping?

Google Smart Shopping is an automatic bidding strategy in Google Ads. The platform utilizes AI to automatically optimize your shopping campaign, assembling accommodation according to your budget and objectives so that you develop the highest number of conversions.

Also, this amazing marketing campaign generates creative ads by employing the current product feed you have in your Ads account. Once you set up your advertising campaign funding and purposes, Google takes care of the rest. In addition, they use reflexive bidding and ad placements to deliver your products across their networks.  

Your ads will show in areas, like: 

  • The Google Search Network
  • The Google Display Network 
  • YouTube 
  • Gmail

Basic Requirements to Get Started With Smart Shopping Campaigns

Before knowing the tips and tricks to boost your smart shopping campaigns, let's first have a look at the basic requirements you need to fulfill before getting started with the ads process. A few things that you need to accomplish is:

  • A Google Ads account
  • A Google Merchant Center account.
  • A product data feed that is uploaded to your Merchant Center account. This delivers the data for Google Ads to make ad descriptions.
  • Conversion-tracking. This must be placed up with transaction-specific significances, and you are also required to lodge a remarketing tag on your website.
  • A current audience of at least 100 users.

Important Tips to Follow for Effectively Optimize Your Google Smart Shopping Campaigns

Deliver High-Quality Images 

Your product images or photographs are the leading highlights of your ads. Make your products be in the facade of a stable white or translucent background. Utilizing these shades guarantees that your pictures can work with a mixture of design components. And always remember, don’t add in other products that aren’t fitted with the primary product. 


Quality Score

Quality score is the most important thing that you must keep into consideration. It is the metric Google utilizes to rank ads. Google evaluates many aspects, including ad relevance, the standard clickthrough rate (CTR), and the user experience. You should enhance these factors, and desire to construct more suitable ads for your target audience.

Keep Tabs on Targeting Exclusions

Google smart shopping campaigns use multiple targeting parameters to discover optimized assortments that improve audience targeting. If Google Ads uncovers a low-performing targeting process, it will stop spending on it as it swaps its concentration to more effective methods.  

While this displays excellent for your budget, it can guide you to a problem as well. This swap may cut out audience sets that are best fitted to your product. So, you should hold a close watch on the exclusions that Google forms in your campaign to guarantee that it never excludes beneficial areas, such as your primary geo-location areas.

Optimize your Smart Shopping Titles

Optimizing the titles effectively is an important tip to follow in order to boost your shopping campaign. Here we mention some amazing ways to optimize smart shopping titles. 

  • Always generate unique titles
  • Add strong brands to titles
  • Add the necessary attributes to the beginning
  • Avoid fuzzy and undefined terminology
  • Have appropriate characteristics and features
  • Add distinctive, high-value keywords (without utilizing promotional text)

Use Merchant Promotions 

Customers love accruing a fair deal and one method to attract them to purchase your product is via utilizing Merchant promotions. When you add buildups to products that you market on Google, consumers see a “special offer” link (e.g 20% off, free shipping, etc.). It will then spread a pop-up that will let them declare a deal at checkout. 

You can show your online advertisements alongside your Shopping Ads on Google search and shopping. Online promotions are exhibited with Shopping Ads as additional links and are obtainable at no additional cost.

Lessen the Customer Navigation Steps

This is a customer-centric generation. A lot of customers don’t have that much patience to navigate illogical, long-winded sales procedures. By decreasing the number of digital steps, you can deliver a more satiny, shorter path to conversion. This will also help in reducing your bounce rate and dumped cart rate.

Create a Reliable Sale Approach

You’ll also want to prepare for sales in your product feed. This can be anything from regular sales to attempting to clear out your checklist. A good sales approach will make sure that: 

  • Your products always recollect the same costs on your ads as on your site 
  • Establish your sale prices for the same duration you want them to 

Utilize the attributes ‘sale_price’ and ‘sale_price_effective_date’ to do this. 

Experimentation With Your Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS)

This is the most important aspect to consider in optimizing smart shopping campaigns. It’s useful to have a target ROAS. However, if you specify a ROAS figure in your account, it may hinder your capacity to expand your budget in total. By terminating this or decreasing it, you may discover that Google smart campaigns can induce a higher conversion value for your business expansion.


If you have plenty of data to operate with, Smart Shopping campaigns are a fantastic way to depend on the numbers and accumulate more sales. While you have relatively less authority than conventional shopping campaigns, there are many things you can do to make sure that your smart shopping campaigns perform nicely. The above-mentioned 8 amazing tips will help you a lot in boosting the campaign and allow you to achieve your desired revenue.


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