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We all agree that children are valuable assets in our life. For the most part, they reflect our passion, our potential, and our greatest achievement. We wish to safeguard children in every way, and their happiness, health, and education are top priorities. Here are five crucial steps you may take as a newly single parent to get the best custody agreement possible.

Ensure your children are your first priority - This should come from a variety of perspectives, including emotional support for them at a tough time, as well as making sure that any bad sentiments you have toward your ex do not get in the way of what is best for the children.

Explain everything to your children; don't keep them in the dark. Leaving them out of the loop is difficult enough. They will understand and feel better about talking to you if you explain what is going on.

Maintain a Positive Attitude - Try not to be negative around the youngsters. Life has a curious way of moving. Separation might be the finest thing that ever happened to you. Who can say? Act as though it were in any case because your positive attitude will rub off on the kids, making them feel better about the situation.

Being businesslike with your ex does not imply wearing a suit around them! Simply make your own and your children's best interests a priority. So that if there are any disagreements concerning custody, etc., the tone remains peaceful.

Establish dating ground rules - Make sure that any other individuals you date do not come between you and your children's life. They may have to at some point, but don't worry about it till then. Keep them away from your youngsters for the time being.

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