My name is Maria, and I am an active participant in

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It is an online platform that allows you to compare and find insurance and financial products available in Ukraine.

 My name is Maria, and I am an active participant in  It is an online platform that allows you to compare and find insurance and financial products available in Ukraine. We have collected credit cards from all Ukrainian banks: regular to premium, and with cashback as well as free service from VISA and MasterCard payment system.

 We provide the most current bank products, offers of MFI, insurance companies and private pension funds, bank comparison loans and deposit calculators online, online applications and ratings, rates for exchange and plastic cards all at one financial portal.

 We want users to get the information that they need to make an informed decision. They must have all the data they need to assess the value of financial products and safeguard themselves from deceit or fraud. Financial services encompass the entire range of products and services related to financial management, investments, cryptocurrencies and personal guidance.

 It is not easy to understand the terms and conditions of financial products or services. Customers will be able to make informed choices if all information is disclosed.

 Not revealing the address of the business which is advertised is not allowed. You can conceal information about additional fees. If the links are from other agencies or organizations conceal links to proof of status pages or accreditation pages.

 We offer great mortgage deals. A mortgage is a major step in many families’ lives. It is crucial that it is profitable because it's a long-term loan that is a substantial amount of money, and a serious burden on the family.

 You could save as much as you can with the help of bank promotions that offer preferential terms, but only for a limited period of time. has all the information you need to make an application for an online mortgage.

 Request a loan simple:

 Enter the amount and term in the fields on the left right side of the page. Then click "Select loan." The box will permit you to search for online banks where you can apply for a mortgage. Click "More to view a complete payment calculation for the loan that interests you. You can also immediately submit an application for a mortgage. The bank will require you to enter your personal and passport information as well as contacts.

 Is it possible to be certain that your chosen bank will give you an affirmative response? Mortgage applications online can be submitted to any bank. Just follow the instructions for each offer on the page.

 You must wait for the bank's response. The bank will usually inform you via phone and in the event that the bank representative cannot reach you by phone, duplicated via text or email. was created by highly skilled and experienced experts with many years of experience working on digital projects. We work with most insurance firms, banks, and MFIs.