Shot-blocking is the most popular feature in NBA 2K22

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NBA 2K22 shot competition can NBA 2K22 MT be an enigma. It's not clear whether shot contesting is completely effective or not. There are reports that suggested that shot contesting where you have a player who contests your shot against you -- would perform more realistically than the previous times. However, my players are still finding open shots and nailing the ball, even when in the possibility of contests.

Shot-blocking is the most popular feature in NBA 2K22. But, shot-blocking is an all-new, major factor within NBA 2K22. It's overpowered. Your players will be able to block out their opponents. Seriously. The other time I had a game Kevin Durant swatted the ball into the rafters against Kemba Walker. It was a fun variant on the shot-blocking function which is often boring and boring during the game.

NBA 2K22 has a lot of cruise ships. There are so many cruise ships! There's a cruise ship on the MyCareer mode which is great. But the MyTeam mode lets you play on a court that's situated on a cruise vessel, as well!

NBA 2K22 is reminiscent of mt buying 2k22 the real NBA. The graphics, the display and announcers all offer an image of a realistic NBA game. Someone may walk by and think NBA 2K22 is actually the NBA. This is because of how well the game looks.