Homework is bad for health

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Every parent talks about this: the ever-growing scientific workload and stressful tests have undermined children's health

Due to the heavy workload, children sleep less. They stay above textbooks, get delayed by grades, and get overwhelmed, leading to problems during sleep. Sleep duration, homework load..
Healthy students are with us. Myopia, gastritis, chronic fatigue, eating disorders - what this baby most likely eats. All this is due to the fact that children are very bothered when writing their work. They do not even know that they can turn to essay writer online for help.
So maybe you spit on homework and reviews and other useful things?

Homework takes time
Children are busier than ever these days, says Peter Gray, professor at Boston College. They spend too much time at school, and then run from the instructors, collecting things on the way to the section. The schedule is strictly regulated, every hour is taken into account.
Psychologist Harris Cooper conducted a study that showed that the task at home is not very effective: the child will not be too big. Children up to 20 minutes in additional classes, high school students - an hour and a half. Homework in elementary school is very difficult, too large essays are given for homework. Therefore, parents are ready pay for essay, just so that their child is calm and has time to sleep. For comparison: According to our sanitary standards, an hour and a half in the second grade. Graduates can spend three and a half hours. It's been almost half a day, and that's after school. And when to live?

Homework does not affect academic performance
Despite being a major critic of education, Cohn wrote "homework myths" in 2006. In it, according to him, for younger students there is no connection between homework and academic performance when writing an essay. In high school, the connection is weak, which practically disappears when rethinking more accurate measurement methods in the study. .

Not everyone agrees. Tom Sherrings, a teacher and advocate for homework, has come to the conclusion that there really isn't much homework in elementary school, but when students are over 11 years old, they get tricky and turn to essay writers (eg https://bidforwriting.com/essay-grader) for help with homework quickly. .

The long-term benefits of doing homework cannot be measured. The TMISS Research Center found out what long-lived students in different countries spend on homework. So in the fourth grade, only 7% of students do not do their homework. . Small number for analysis.


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