Robot Vacuum Cleaners: Are They Really Worth It?

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You can recall a TV show or so which visualizes a future full of robots that possibly cater to all of your needs. They promisingly come with fantastic automated features intended for saving your money and time.

Still, such a future may not be far off. Let’s take a closer look at way robot vacuums show up in your life with their advantages and disadvantages. This post is going to help you figure out whether or not this intelligent device can satisfy the hype and expectations.


1. Wifi connectivity

Amid the increasing popularity of home hubs, robotic units now use wireless connectivity at your home. That way, you can use a smartphone app or voice control to control them from wherever you are.

2. Smart mapping

On the one hand, a conventional cleaner is limited to where the user pushes it. On the other, the highest rated vacuum cleaners of the robotic type can scan your room to set up the best possible route for obstacle prevention.

3. Programmable vacuuming schedule

Nowadays, many of us are too preoccupied to care about cleaning our space daily. Just program your robot vacuum so that they can operate on particular times, days, and you can get along with your life. It can make your home cleaner while you focus on more important things.

4. Automatic return

One of the difficulties when using traditional vacuums is storing them. Because some of these models are bulky with accessories and attachments such as the crevice tool, they can take up plenty of space.

In comparison, a robotic machine will move itself to the docking station for charging and be ready for the next task. Moreover, considering their size, you can store them without consuming too much of your precious space.

5. Handling tight corners

It may be time-consuming to reach under tables and chairs with push-along vacuums. Besides, a standard upright’s shape is not entirely suitable for tackling tight spots. You can probably clean them up only after pulling out your heavy furniture, which is inconvenient.

However, thanks to an automated model from the Best Vacuum Cleaners Reviews, cleaning becomes more comfortable. As it is small and agile, this machine can reach the tightest spots quickly. In other words, with this vacuum, you will attain a better cleaning result and avoid sore knees.

6. Spillage cleaning

Imagine your kid drops something on your hardwood floor, and you need to handle it before it stains. A conventional vacuum tends to be large and heavy, and you may store it far from the spill’s scene. Meanwhile, with a robotic unit, you just need to click some buttons on your smartphone app for the device to be there in a matter of seconds and do spot cleaning. After that, it will return to its docking station without causing any fuss.

7. The best choice for those with mobility issues

For people who have mobility difficulties but live independently, a standard vacuum cannot meet their needs as a result of its size, shape, and design. Furthermore, they have to move it around their house physically. On the other hand, robotic cleaners are a fantastic option since they work remotely, allowing your space to be cleaned with minimum effort.

The cons

1. Price

According to the best vacuum reviews, some models are expensive, while others are not that costly. You need to consider the cost aside from other essential factors before you buy. Consider whether it delivers excellent value for your money.

2. Risks of being stuck

As the size and shape may cause some robot vacuums to get wedged under your furniture, sometimes you need to rescue them. It is best to get a unit that can smoothly overcome these challenges.

The bottom line

Robots from Top Rated Vacuum Cleaner brands are a fantastic choice, but they are not perfect. There are some flaws regarding their operation and design, which makes them not the best option for all users. That being said, with the above benefits, a robotic model may be a great buy. Notably, it is excellent for minimalists who love living in a house without clutter.


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