How to Identify and Prevent Love Doll Scams?

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Scammers target people of all disciplines, and their creativity has grown more sophisticated over time. With the development of female sex dolls and their increasing popularity in the media, many scammers are entering the doll market. In order to maintain the normal order of the sex doll m

Some common love doll scams

1. Selling and sending defective or counterfeit products on your website pretending to be branded products. Some use inferior, substandard materials to reduce costs. We cannot guarantee the quality of the products and whether they are harmful to human body. They use or sell dolls made from recycled materials. They melt the silicone or TPE material and use it to make new dolls or sex doll torso. Lover dolls are usually copied in small factories, making huge profits. It's the same as consumers paying the same money to buy low-quality dolls. Such physical dolls pose a great threat to physical health.

2. Fraudulent websites do not have formal manufacturing channels, steal photos from regular retailers, and deceive consumers. The doll they sent was very different from the doll advertised in the picture. There is no quality or after-sales guarantee. You can't contact them, or you don't provide customer support. TPE sex dolls are an online shopping experience, so be sure to check that your contact information is on the seller's website.

3. Induce consumers to buy and offer some alternatives instead of sending them real sex dolls. I ordered a love doll but didn't get anything. You pay for the doll, but you never receive the purchase.

How to Identify the Reliability of Aiwa Website

1. If you sell a small number of sex doll brands, it is likely part of a scam. There are many types of love dolls in regular stores, including WM DOLL, Dollhouse168, AXB DOLL and other luxury brands.

2. Whether there is contact information, customer service timeliness, etc.

3. The website photos and policies are complete and clear, and the professionalism of the website is a very important reference for the Love Doll scam.

4. Please take the time to read the reviews, opinions and suggestions of sex doll buyers before purchasing. Real customer reviews are always helpful in making decisions. Of course, we cannot guarantee that every store will be satisfied with every customer, and there will always be negative reviews. Scammers use extensive manipulation tactics to buy fake reviews and delete legitimate reviews. This requires careful elimination of fraud.

5. Whether the payment method is complete. Payment type and security are also important references for identifying fraud.

6. Time to manufacture and ship the doll. An ordinary love doll can be completed in about 10 days. However, a high-end silicone doll takes about 30 days.

7. The price of the real doll. For scammers, they make low-priced dolls, so they sell dolls for less than what they're priced at industry stores.

There are many ways to identify fraud. When shopping online, you can refer to a variety of general shopping experiences to identify scams. In order to prevent fraud, we should choose a more formal store for shopping.